[WXY]RX-78-2 5cm Gundam 3x Resize

By Mas Mbrot, August 21, 2014

RX-78-2 Gundam, is a part of RX-78 gundam series. This gundam is the 1st released of RX-78 gundam (Beside the RX-78-1 Prototype).This Gundam is appeared in the Gundam Universal Century developed by the Earth Federation.

This papercraft is designed originally by WXY as a part of SD 5cm Gundam ver.2.0 Remaster. This papercraft originally have 5 cm height only, a small and cute papercraft 😀

Cause i feel the original size of this papercraft is too small for me (Cause my thumb and other finger are big :p), so I have an initiative to resizing this papercraft for 3 times bigger.

Below are the result of papercraft after resized:

After resized 3x, papercraft height become 15 Cm, and its look big! 😀

To download original papercraft go to WXY website –> Link

To download 3x resized papercraft –> [Coming Soon]

If you want to make the 3x papercraft, please use the original template from WXY as reference, and use the instruction from WXY site too :)


  1. scheesar says:

    yang 15 senti dong kakaaa :3

  2. mau atuhh kakak dibuatin papercraft custom wkwwkk

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