Dorokdok Papercraft

Dorokdok Papercraft

By Mas Mbrot, September 17, 2013

Dorokdok? What’s dorokdok?

Dorokdok is a traditional snack come from West Java Indonesia, more precisely from Garut. Dorokdok is made from cow’s skin that was processed in such way so it can consumable. Dorokdok has salty and savory flavour. It makes dorokdok very fit to consume with noodle.

This dorokdok papercraft is a present for Garut Papercraft community (Peri Garut). I was designed and test build this papercraft in about 4 hours.

Below are some photos of this model:

You can download this papercraft at:

Lined version

Lineless version

Once you done create it, just mention me in my twitter, instagram or in facebook, and I will post it in my website :)

Happy Crafting :)


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