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[Sticker Robot] Custom Sticker Robot Papertoy

By Mas Mbrot, August 21, 2014

Sticker Robot is a company that focused in Sticker creation.The team at Sticker Robot is comprised of artists and designers, devoted craftsmen and printers. Our aesthetic, whether on press or off, is extremely high. Every pixel is accounted for, every creative decision is considered.

Sticker robot has an event to give free sticker if you built Sticker Robot Icon Papercraft that designed by Salazad (One of Talented Papertoy Designer from Indonesia). So to make it not just ordinary sticker robot papertoy, I initiate to re-touch the template from Mr.Salazad.

Original Sticker Robot Papertoy Design

After do some change in color, and texture, Please Enjoy the gallery below as result of papercraft after a little re-touch:

To download Sticker Robot Template, please follow Link Below:

  • Original Design By Mr.Salazad –> [Link]
  • Custom Design By Me –> [Coming Soon]

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