Mr.Spock Paperavatar

By Mas Mbrot, July 24, 2015

 “Live long and prosper”

Do you know What movie that was popularing the quote above??



Yap, Star Trek one of the large Inter-Galatic Movie franchise in the world, beside its best competitor star wars :p. One of its main character that make the quote above become startrek trademark is Mr.Spock, the son of sarek.


One of my little friend is a trekkies, and he is one of the best papercraft builder in my community, so as a gift for him I designing a Spock Paperavatar for him :) and you also can enjoyed to build this papercaft by download the pattern from the link at the end of this post :)

Oya! don’ t forget to contact me if you finish built it, so I will, post your model in this site 😉

Enjoyed it! Live long and prosper 😉

Download Pattern at: Link

If need a Password:

Model Gallery :


What do you think?

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