Dinky Stormtrooper

By Mas Mbrot, June 14, 2015

TETTTT….tettt tett… TETT TOTET TETT TOTET (Anthem darth vader pas marching sama stormtrooper… Kikikik ngasal banget)

STAR WARS!! yeahhh! I really love starwars!!! This movie is sooo epic, especially for episode 4,5,6!! Why?? Cause on that time (-+ 1977) the technology of that movie is soooo awesome!! They can make starship galactic battle looks real! Arrgh awesome!!

So as a fan, I want to give a present for other Starwars fans in the world, the prize is (drum roll)


The dinky trooper

dinky means small, so this papertoy representing a small, cute stormtrooper papertoy :)


So enough for the word, just download the pattern of this cute papertoy at link below,and built it, dont forget to post your picture in your social network and tag me, so I can upload it this page! :)

What do you think?

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