About Mas Mbrot

Mas Mbrot is a nickname of Ryan Permana, one of ordinary boy that live in Bandung, Indonesia, who interest with papercraft, urban art, music, movie and also girl/woman xD. Mas Mbrot was found on 2013 on his little papercraft nest, when Ryan try to start making a papercraft business with his little ability in 3d design and vector design :D.

Ryan was start to love papercraft when he join one of Indonesian papercraft community called PERI in 2012. From that community, Ryan get a lot of experience and knowledge about how to design and create a good papercraft. And start from that time, he has an intention to make papercraft to be one of his passion.

And with papercraft, Ryan have a mission to make Mas Mbrot was known by people in all over the world. Amin x)


Oya beside mas mbrot, Ryan have another nickname in Internet world, there are ryanbhuled and bhuleddev :)